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Take Advantage Of An Easy, No-Slip Jar Opener Grip That Puts You In Charge

Available in a selection of bright, kitchen-friendly colors, this gadget is a must-have for every home that regularly condiments, olives, fruit cocktails, gravies and sauces. It’s designed with an easy, no-slip grip that puts you in charge. After you’ve spent a few minutes handling butter and other slippery substances in the kitchen, wrestling with a slick, metal jar lid can be an impossibly challenging endeavor. This jar opener can slip right over the lid of just about any jar and by simply squeezing the handle, you can ensure a firm, stable grip and hassle-free turning. You can also pop the lid off of your favorite treats in mere seconds so that you can get right to enjoying the foods that your were after in the first place.

This jar opener is a rubber band-type device that makes it possible for just about anyone to open jar lids with ease. Not only can you get to the stuffed olives faster, but you can also impress your family and friends with your superhuman strength. Flexible and fitted with sturdy, gripper teeth that form a strong latch on metal and plastic lids, the jar opener is perfect for opening soda bottles, sauces, condiments, goods that have been canned at home and more. The jar opener features an all-rubber design, weighs just 73 g and measures 15.5 x 7.5/ 5.9 x 2.0 cm. Best of all, it’s both safe and hygenic, making it the perfect kitchen tool for nearly every household resident.

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Weight 110 g

Blue, Green, Red

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